Q   What is the cost of hiring the Grain Exchange Venue?
A    Every function has it’s own requirements. The price will depend on what is required for each individual booking.

Q  How many people can the Grain Exchange hold?
A  250 max.

Q  Can we do the decorating?
A   Yes.  There are anchor lugs on the walls for attaching streamers etc.

Q   Can we bring our own alcohol?
A    The building has an On- Licence, not a BYO Licence.

Q   Is there a sound system?
A   Yes, we have a 1000w powered speaker and a microphone.

Q   Is there a kitchen available?
A   There is a small Commercial kitchen. We welcome Caterers of your choice.

Q   How many chairs are there?
A   150.

Q   What conference/meeting equipment is available?
A   Data projector and screen. Freestanding whiteboard.

Q   Do we have to do the cleaning after the event?
A   No. A cleaning fee is in the hire cost. However, you do need to remove any of your own decorations and leave the venue in a reasonable state.

Q   Can we have extra time, outside our event day, for setting up and clearing up our event?
A   Yes, however there may be an extra charge if extra days are required.

Q   Is GST included in the hire fee?
A   No.

Q   Is there a Duty Manager for the ON- Licence?
A   Yes. His fee is included in the hire cost.

We invite you to come to the Grain Exchange and see what we have to offer.